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"Your Duty To Unleash Your Full Potential Starts By Focusing On THE Results Not Effort"


while comfort is the enemy of victory


Reza Abbaszadeh is a remarkable Iranian entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, business owner, and philanthropist who has captured the imagination of many aspiring individuals across Europe and beyond. His extraordinary journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for young minds.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Reza Abbaszadeh has established himself as a sought-after consultant for multiple top-tier investment banking companies worldwide. He provides invaluable guidance on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions and capital raising strategies across diverse industries. In addition, he adeptly manages relationships with corporations, entrepreneurs, private equity firms, and government entities.

Reza Abbaszadeh's outstanding accomplishments and contributions have set him apart in the competitive business landscape. His story serves as a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and unwavering commitment to success.

Reza Abbaszadeh is the  founder 
and CEO of Abbaszadeh Enterprises comprising Abbaszadeh Technology

and Abbaszadeh Trading Import & Export 

Reza-Abbaszadeh entrepreneur

Developing a Prosperity Mindset: Embracing Abundance in Life

"To achieve affluence and prosperity, it is crucial to shift from a scarcity mindset to a prosperity mindset. Instead of seeing scarcity, start recognizing abundance in every aspect of life. Avoid limiting beliefs and seek out opportunities for prosperity.

Often, we are influenced by those with limited thinking due to societal conditioning. However, it is essential to surround yourself with abundant thinkers who believe in the potential for wealth and success.

Making a conscious decision to embrace prosperity is key. Challenge the notion that scarcity is your reality and affirm daily that you are capable of creating wealth. Open your eyes to the abundance around you, whether it's luxurious cars or the vast wealth existing in the world.

Remember, prosperity is not reserved for others—it is available to you too. Start seeing prosperity everywhere and reinforce the belief that abundance is attainable. By cultivating a prosperity mindset, you can manifest wealth and create a life of abundance." – Reza Abbaszadeh


Emaar - Reza Abbaszadeh
GOLDMAN SACHS - Reza Abbaszadeh
Radisson Hotels - Reza Abbaszadeh
Binance - Reza Abbaszadeh
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